The Arc of Story County is an advocacy organization whose mission is to make a difference in the lives of persons with intellectual and developmental disabilities.

Our constituents live, work, and play in our community. They work beside you on the job, they ride CyRide  with you, they enjoy the freedom of making purchasing decisions, and they participate in a wide variety of recreation/leisure activities and competitive sports throughout our community.

As an advocacy organization, The Arc provides learning opportunities and recreation/leisure events in order for each individual to participate as independently and successfully as possible in our community. We actively support legislation for each citizen’s civil rights; we encourage both competitive and supported employment; and we encourage our constituents to live as independently as possible while actively participating in and enjoying a large variety of sporting and community events.

Therefore, we need you – their neighbors, coworkers, and friends – to advocate with us in support of their civil rights, employment, housing, and community integration.  The Arc connects persons with disabilities, their families, professionals, and others (like you) to create hope, growth, and change. Join us and we’ll work with you, with a clear, strong and collective voice, to make a difference.