Riding the bus can be scary the first time. How do I let the driver know we are at my stop? When will I know my stop is the next stop? What happens if the bus takes me to someplace I don’t recognize? How will I get home? These are all very real and valid questions that we want to help you understand.


We are very lucky in Ames to have the excellent public transportation service of CyRide. At The Arc we would like to help you learn how to safely and most importantly confidently navigate the service. The CyRide staff are very well trained and very helpful!


Your transportation training begins with an initial assessment of some basic skills to see what accommodations might be needed to assist you in riding. With the right tools and taking the time to learn your world can expand from relying on others for rides and places in walking distance to a new level of Independence and involvement in the community.

Each training is individualized based on current knowledge of the systems and comfort level. It begins with a close “hand-over-hand” support and transitions to your first ride by yourself!

If you are interested in expanding your world to please call The Arc at 515-232-9330 or email us at info@thearcstory.orgto set up an appointment.

Helpful Video from CyRide